Mr. George

George started his dancing career as a member of the University of Connecticut Ballroom Team in 2007. Since then, his passion and perseverance in ballroom dance has allowed him to advance through the ranks in the collegiate and national ballroom competitions.
While competing on the national and world stage, he devotes his time to teaching and mentoring students of all ages. He has taught the UConn and Northeastern University Ballroom Dance Teams. He was a guest instructor and judge for the Northeastern Ballroom Dancing with the Professors and has led various workshops and seminars including the Dance Teachers’ Club of Boston, Inc and the American Society. In addition to teaching, he has adjudicated ballroom competitions throughout the country.
His teaching style make his students feel comfortable so that they improve in a fun and challenging way. George believes in growing the dance community through positive mentorship. Students are not just learning how to dance, but also acquiring long lasting skills that will translate to everyday life.
In addition to coaching ballroom dance, George has a B.S. in Molecular Cell Biology from UConn and works as a Senior Scientist and Project Manager at Waters Corporation in Milford, MA. He enjoys traveling, running and hiking.

Recent accolades and accomplishments:

  • American Smooth and Rhythm 9-Dance National Champions
  • American Smooth Rising Star National Champions
  • American Rhythm National Vice Champions
  • US National and World Amateur Finalist

Follow George on Instagram: @georgec_dance