Littleton SDA’s 2023 Spring Recital: Celebrate: Cheers to 15 Years!

Spotlight Dance Academy’s 15th annual spring recital, “Celebrate: Cheers to 15 Years!”, will be on June 11th at 11am and 4pm at Littleton High School. 

Which Show Is My Dancer In?

  • We will have a younger show at 11am, which will include all Tots in Tutus, Preschool, Combo 5+6, Kinder, Prep Team, Daddy Daughter Group A, Staff, and Diamond Dancers Extra Pieces.
  • We will also have an older show at 4pm, which will include all Level 1, 2, 3, Intermediate, Junior, Teen, Advanced, Diamond Dancers, Daddy Daughter Group B, Senior Solos, “Song For a Friend”, Alumni, and Staff.
  • *Scroll down to see important show day information for both shows*

Costume Requirements:

  • Below is the detailed list for each class and what you will need for dress rehearsal AND recital! Please note this is not the order of the show or dress rehearsal.
  • *Regular stage makeup consists of natural eyeshadow colors (nudes/light pink), blush/bronzer, eyeliner and mascara, and red or pink lipstick.
  • Makeup is important on a performance stage! The bright lights wash out their faces and the makeup will look natural on stage!
  • Click here to see the PDF of BOTH shows’ costume requirements.

Ticket Information:

  • Again this year, we’re working with a company called TutuTix to make it easier for you to get tickets to “Celebrate: Cheers to 15 Years! ”. Gone are the days of coming down to the studio, waiting in line, and spending your valuable time purchasing tickets. NOW, you’ll be able to do it from the convenience of your own living room, office, or wherever you are.
  • Tickets will go “on sale” beginning May 10th, 2023. Tickets for the 11am recital will go on sale at 11am. Tickets for the 4pm recital will go on sale at 4pm. If you did not get your tickets early, don’t worry there are still limited seats available online for $25 until June 10th.  After that, you may still purchase tickets at the door for $25 at the show. To purchase tickets online, you can do so by any of the following ways:
  1. Go to our special TutuTix page at
  2. Visit our mobile page at
  3. Just call 855-222-2TIX
  • A couple of additional items to note: You need a credit or debit card to buy tickets. Tickets will be sold first come, first served. So buy early to get better seats.
  • TutuTix charges a low, fair fee for their service. Included in the $25 ticket price is their per ticket fee, plus 5% processing charge (you are not paying anything additional to $20 per ticket).
  • You’ll have several options for how you want your ticket delivered. You can have it emailed to you, or sent to your mobile phone internet browser at no charge! Or, you can choose to have TutuTix mail you foil-embossed keepsake tickets for an additional fee– with your dancer’s name printed directly on the ticket!

**If you have support questions, please contact the number above for Tutu tix. I cannot fix any computer issues or give refunds for tickets. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE BUYING TICKETS TO THE CORRECT SHOW! This company is separate from SDA, and your questions will be answered more quickly by them. Of course, feel free to call me if there is anything I can do! The website WILL be busy at the beginning of sales so be prepared to have back up seating options if you cannot get the ones you want. Most of the parents will be buying tickets right at the start time on that first day!


  • Dancers, grab your dads or father figures and dance with them on stage at SDA’s June recital! “Couples” will learn a fun, simple dance to perform at the spring recital. All ages 2-18 are welcome to attend!
  • COST: $55 per “couple” and $25 for an additional daughter. This cost includes a recital T-shirt for each dancer!
  • CLASS DATES: Fridays May 12th, May 19th, & May 26th from 4-5pm (4pm show participants) and 5-6pm (11am show participants)
  • RECITAL: Dress Rehearsal: *see Dress Rehearsal Schedule below*, Recital: June 11th

Dress Rehearsals:

  • All dress rehearsals will be at Littleton High School on either Wednesday, June 7th, Friday June 9th or Saturday June 10th (see schedule below)
  • Arrival Times: **PLEASE ARRIVE 15 MIN BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED TIME READY TO DANCE!** We will be starting on time and if you miss your class’ time on stage, your child will not be able to rehearse with their class!!! Please make sure the costume is on and your dancer is stretched. (For example: if your dancer is scheduled at 5pm, please come at 4:45 so they are ready to dance at 5!) We have had problems in the past with dancers showing up at their scheduled time and then we need to wait for them to get dressed before we begin. Please have your dancer come with hair and stage makeup on so they only need to change into their costume. Make sure hair pieces/accessories are pinned in so we can see if anything needs to be adjusted. Each dance will be blocked and then run, every class gets 15 min on stage and then will move on to pictures (More info listed below)! *Only 1 parent is allowed to attend the dress rehearsal for students under 12. This is a closed rehearsal for anyone who is not a student, teacher, chaperone, or the one parent for younger dancers, so please plan accordingly! Please contact Miss Becky if you have any questions or concerns!
  • Please note that rehearsals do not run as quickly as the recitals and we are trying to give everyone equal opportunity on the stage. Please be patient with the staff, teachers, and dancers so we can have a successful dress rehearsal!
  • Click here to see the Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Class Pictures:

This year, we will be using EAP Photo for our class pictures. Pictures of each class will be taken AT DRESS REHEARSAL! Each class will have their 15 min of rehearsal time with their teacher on stage, then the teacher or an assistant will bring them down to a different area in the school to have their class pictures taken. We will be taking a few shots of each class in a couple of different poses. After that, there will be an opportunity for those who would like individual pictures to have those taken as well. The company will have tablets set up so you can view your pictures before purchasing! We would like all dancers to be present for the class picture, but nothing is mandatory to purchase. This company is separate from SDA and all of their information will be sent in another email soon.

Important Show Day Information:

11 AM Show:

  • Students need to arrive at 10:30am ready to dance, the show will start promptly at 11:00am, so please be on time.
  • We will be implementing strict pick up times for dancers during the show to help things run smoothly backstage, more information will be sent out as it gets closer. Please only come to pick up your child during these times in the cafeteria and be sure to sign out your child so the chaperones/teachers know they are leaving. *If your dancer is in both halves of the show, they will need to stay backstage until the end of the show!*
  • There will be plenty of chaperones to accommodate the young ones. One parent must sign their child in when you arrive at the show. That same parent will need to sign their child out at their designated time. That parent will also receive a wristband for the time they are allowed to come get their child and ONLY THAT PARENT CAN ENTER THE DRESSING ROOM. Also, for the courtesy of the rest of the dancers, please wait until a dance is over before getting up in the auditorium. It is distracting to the dancers and their families to see people getting up while they are dancing!
  • *Please make sure all family members are aware of our wristband rule. In the past, some family members were upset to not be allowed in the dressing rooms and tried to get in anyways. This rule is for the safety and privacy of our dancers and we WILL NOT let anyone in that is not staff or a wrist-banded parent!!!
  • WE ARE LOOKING FOR PARENT CHAPERONES FOR THIS SHOW! I will have teachers and other chaperones to help entertain the dancers and sign them in and out, but I will need more to be at each table and help line up each class backstage with the stage manager/runner and help with bathroom trips! Please send Miss Becky an email at if you would like to help!

4 PM Show:

  • Dancers need to arrive by 3:00pm ready to dance. Please follow the signs to the backstage area that parents can bring their child to.
  • Parents are not allowed to stay back stage unless there is a medical reason discussed with the Director prior. There will be assigned chaperones and supervision to help the kids get ready for the show. After they are finished with their dance, they will be backstage until the end of the show because there will be a curtain call/finale dance and awards at the end. After the finale, students should gather all of their belongings from backstage then meet their parents right outside the backstage/dressing rooms.
What does “ready to dance mean”?

Ready to dance means that students must arrive in their first costume with hair and makeup done. *Specific hair, makeup, and costume instructions are listed above under “Costume Requirements”*

Recital Flowers, T-Shirts, and DVDs:


  • We will be selling flowers through Floracause again and they would love it if you ordered ahead if you plan to get flowers for your dancer/s! Here is the link to choose your flowers:


  • Recital t-shirts are prepared for each show (11am and 4pm) and you can purchase either a youth or adult size. If your dancer is enrolled in the Daddy Daughter dance class, a tshirt is included in your purchase and we already took the girls’ sizes. **Please take note that we need these orders in by May 19th to get them in time before the show. We WILL NOT be ordering extras to sell at the show, so if we do not receive your order by then, you will not get a shirt!
  • You can purchase a recital t-shirt here:

DVDs/Digital Downloads:

  • Recital DVDs and/or Digital Downloads are $30 each. This is an optional purchase. We will take these orders until June 12th (day after recital.)

Please order from the following link:

Directions to Littleton High School:

56 King Street Littleton, MA 01460

From SDA: Take 495 South to exit 30. Turn Left onto 110/King Street. Littleton High School entrance will be on your Right in less than a mile. Follow the road all the way around the school the auditorium is in the back.  Follow signs once in the school to where to drop your children off. During dress rehearsal, dancers and one parent each may just sit in the auditorium and wait for their dance to be called up.

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